HR Schools

HR2HR Schools, an associate company of HR2HR Solutions, can support your school/academy by providing a personalised service ensuring the best solution to meet your specific needs.



Supporting HR in schools and academies

HR2HR Schools covers South East of England, London and Kent.  We also offer a service to schools that have opted out of the normal school system to pursue academy status and wish to run their school as a private enterprise or as a charity as well as working with private status schools.


We value the decision by schools to operate as an Academy and understand the change can be difficult, having full responsibility for recruiting, creating job contracts and developing relevant compliant procedures.    


HR2HR Schools already work with a number of private and independent schools from pre-school up to and including secondary education and have an established team with relevant experience in education. Hence we are accustomed with the constraints held with EYFS, Ofsted and other legal regulations specifically in this sector.    


HR services in the education sector

HR2HR Schools have a range of packages including Health & Safety, Recruitment, Payroll and Training (such as disciplinary and appraisal training).


Whether it be for a specific number of hours per-week of ongoing support or assistance with a detailed project, we can tailor a bespoke package of support to meet your needs.

The benefits to you are:-


  • Assist with innovative ways to control expenditure and operate more effectively by focusing on your resources and employment costs, which represent a large percentage of the school budget.


  • Understand that schools now have more choice and flexibility in running their budgets and can source the most appropriate and cost effective solutions away from the normal local public solutions, which can be costly and ineffective.  Schools know that the human resources side is very time consuming and burdensome with many legal pitfalls.  


  • Will keep you one step ahead of changing legislation and work with you to make sure that you fully complying with the legal requirements of employment.


  • Can assist before a school transfers to academy status through a package of pre audit and support and after the school transfers to an academy by providing a number of bespoke packages to suit the budget and requirements.


  • Can work on an ad hoc basis or become a part of your team through their Management Support Services.


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