HR support tailored to you

At hr2hr Solutions Ltd, our support strategies come in many shapes and sizes. We assist Accountants when their clients are going through a change process. We work with many different businesses and organisations including Charities, Schools, Construction companies, Retailers, IT and Logistics firms and act as an advisory role to larger companies. Our comprehensive plans are designed to work around the people who work for you. We don't believe that one strategy fits all; our focus is on the needs of your business.

Is your business being disrupted down by difficult HR issues?

Do you often fall behind with the work that you should be concentrating on to resolve HR problems?

Speak up now, we have the human resources support that you need; and we could even save you money. As a manager of a small or medium size business, you may find yourself dealing with complicated employee issues where your time should be spent growing the business.


We offer competitively priced HR support services to give you the assistance you need, as and when you need it.

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Resolve employee disputes

It is often the case that you may not realise the importance of HR until a dispute arises. Understanding legislation and deciding what procedures to take can be a complex process.


Asking for professional help is the easiest way to a successful resolution for everyone.

We offer competitively priced HR support services eg:


  • Regular employment law updates and strategies on how to deal with them in the future.

  • Company compliance withUK legislation

  • Telephone and email advice/ assistance

  • Contracts & Policies

  • Dealing with disciplinary & grievance

  • TUPE

  • Redundancy

  • Training


To give you the assistance you need, as and when you need it.  Contact us now to book a consultation


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Do you need advice about grievances?

Some of the most difficult situations in management can be dealing with grievance and discipline issues.


It is crucial that you are aware of the right steps to take when dealing with a member of staff's grievances.

Are your absences authorised?

It is equally essential for you to keep on top of any absences such as sicknesses.


There can be a number of other issues that can arise from absences and sicknesses that unless they are monitored properly.


Find out how you can monitor sickness and absences with hr2hr Solutions.