Attention to detail

With our HR consultancy services, you can expect specific attention to detail in the area you desire. We have the relevant knowledge and experience to be able to assist you with comprehensive employee relations techniques.

Does your business require HR consultancy?

Often the most common instances where you will require professional HR consultancy is if you do not currently have a human resources team within your business. Time and money can be saved by choosing hr2hr Solutions.

How can our consultancy help?

We can assist you with Ad hoc projects.  On a strategic level to help you plan your long term view and review your HR practices.  

Call us to find a specific and dedicated HR consultancy service

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Some of the further benefits our consultancy will provide to your business include:

  • Freeing up more time for you to concentrate on your core business

  • Keeping you up to date with legislation

  • Minimised risk of tribunals and fines

  • A safer and more professional working environment

  • Reduced staffing costs

  • Easy access to experienced and knowledgeable professionals

  • Improved employee relations and retention

  • Reduced or managed absences

  • Easier change; better employee consultation and negotiation

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